(Re-released) Album:
Club Trini - Mad Music

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Club Trini - Jubliee

(Re-released) Album:
Club Trini - Heat

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Club Trini - Mad Music
�1986 Universal Music

$15.00 + Shipping

Robert Greenidge and Michael Utley
Club Trini - Mad Music

CD Play Listings:
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1. Sunshine (Robert Greenidge)
2. Coco Loco (Michael Utley)
3. Hibiscus (Robert Greenidge)
4. Conchita (Michael Utley)
5. Pan Classique in B Minor -
    Mad Music (Robert Greenidge)
6. African Friend (Jimmy Buffett)
7. Funk on Steel (Robert Greenidge)
8. Shango (Michael Utley)

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