(Re-released) Album:
Club Trini - Mad Music

(Re-released) Album:
Club Trini - Heat

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Club Trini - Late Night Live
(Recorded Live at 
Margaritaville Cafe
in New Orleans)

2000 Club Trini Records

$15.00 + Shipping


Club Trini - Late Night Live

( Recorded Live at 
Margaritaville Cafe New Orleans)

CD Play Listings:

1. Viajero
2. Paradise Garden
3. Cairo
4. Club Trini (Back In Town)
5. Party Time
6. Soltar
7. African Friend
8. Storyville Parade
9. Ya Ya Yumbo
10. Come On In
11. Shango
12. Pan Classique In B Minor - Mad Music
13. Sweet Heat
14. No Woman, No Cry (w/ Jimmy Buffett)

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